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This Current Between Us

This Current Between Us is a group exhibition held at the first steam-electric power station in Greece. Opening to the public, the power station welcomes visitors to previously inaccessible areas of the industrial complex, a unique site of the Greek industrial cultural heritage. Brings to light rich material from the historical archives of the PPC, in dialogue with site-specific works by an international group of artists, including painting, sculpture, installation, video, sound and performance, while examines the factory as a centre for the production of both power and materials, and moreover views it as a social model, a system for the organisation of space and human – and nonhuman – life, an architectural management of existing relationships and a generator of new ones.Poster of the exhibition seeks to convey a spatial continuum, an embodied industrial becoming of the old factory, as an immaterial technological entity, which, however, through its structural characteristics and its repeated linear overlays, creates a new multi-complex grid in action. Taking into account the emblematic technological equipment of the historic PPC factory, a complex and continuous system is created, without a distinct beginning and end, with intermediate interruptions that adds to the essence of time, an imposing complex of matter that is not limited to its static nature. The texture that comes to life in the composition and changes depending on the point of observation, is a result of repeatability, giving body to a labyrinth of flow and wandering. The overall approach suggests an open way of framing The Current Between Us exhibition, a contemporary way of reading, respecting its origins, provoking the need for curiosity and discovery.

Curated by: Panos Giannikopoulos & Georgia Liapi / Concept, research, coordination: Eleni Kalara / Graphic design: The Birthdays Design