The Birthdays Design is the Graphic design studio of K. Yiannakopoulou & G. Strouzas, founded in 2013 and based in Athens, Greece. The studio works internationally and focus in typographic systems as we believe that this is a part of real language instead of a representative one. We also treat our work fully acknowledged that we live in an objectified world, but also in a humanistic environment.

Our services include direction and graphic design both for print and web, such as: visual identities, packaging, editorial, custom typefaces and UI design.

Our work has been selected and published in several international magazines and awarded in global competitions. Both of the members are developing an academic research and development in collaboration with Vakalo art & design school, in the Graphic Design sector.

Konstantina Yiannakopoulou

Worked at the type design industry, afterwards involved in the field of packaging design & developing campaigns at Korres Natural Ingredients company. Typography researcher and developer she enjoys working with type and form, custom or not.

George Strouzas

Is an experienced Graphic Designer, that worked for several years in creative agencies. His works have been awarded locally and globally, same goes with the publications. He is a modernism researcher and he truly enjoys working with type, custom or not.


23 Mpoumpoulinas str. 15451, Athens, Greece


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Our work has been published in several global magazines and books. If you are interested in publishing our work please contact here.

Slanted #30 — Athens
Slanted Publishers (DE) — 2017
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz (DE) — 2017
EBGE: Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards 2016
Graphopress (GR) — 2017
Eps51 (DE) — 2017
Typeface Design
Designers Books (CN) — 2017
Tourism Product Creative Design
Image Publishing (CN) — 2017
Design and Design book of the year vol.08
Design and Design (FR) — 2015
Excellent Branding Identity
Hightone (CN) — 2014
Infinite Illustration
Ginko Press (USA) — 2014
Eat & Go
Sandu (CH) — 2014
Selected D
Index Books (SP) — 2013
Amazing Layout
Dopress (CH) — 2013
Pallete 04: Pastel - New Soft-Toned Graphics
Victionary (JP) — 2013
The Worlds Best Graphics
Chois Gallery Vol. 22 (CN) — 2013
Attractive Design Without Illustration
Pie Books (JP) — 2013
Corporate Design Book
Zeixs (DE) — 2013