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Annual Report '21, IME GSEVEE

Design of the Annual Report and data visualisation for the Small Business Institute of GSEVEE on "The impact of the pandemic on business". The edition includes the custom visualisation of rich information and various data as elaborations based on the results, pushing the design approach in a functional, clear and legible imprint while at the same time introduces a new identity and a renewed series of reports for the organisation. The most complex pieces of information, which were comparable in size, were designed by essentially intervening in the structure of the information, in such a way that they could serve the identity system, the consistency and the more efficient reading. The key visual has a composition of circles, which create the whole by capturing a "trace" and a reference to the theme of the publication "The impact of the pandemic on business". The publication was distributed to ministries and research associates of the Institute. Representative graphs were also presented in animation format and can be viewed here: