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Moschopolis Winery

The identity of Moschopolis Winery is based on the values ​​of the winery and was not designed to add extra features but to externalize what already exists in the nature of the winery. Its composition is new, but its members have distinct and extensive experience in the field of viticulture and winemaking with their basic characteristics being science, research and know-how.

Inspired by the test tubes, which is a classic laboratory instrument and the measuring lines they carry, as well as the Greek letter μ, which is a universal symbol in academic and scientific fields (while it is also the first letter of the Winery), it was designed visual identity with the aim of verifying the origin and character and actions of the Winery.

The identity carries a clear typographic system that verifies the methodology of the winery, white and metal details in ink that enhance the scientific and technical know-how and earthly expressions on the paper that complement the origin of the wines from the rocky terrain.