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Lampent is a project created by Stavros Kotsakis in Gothenburg, Sweden and focuses on the design and construct of custom interior lighting. The lamps are made of historical old objects and various recyclable materials of everyday life. The overall result is an interesting combination of these different objects with a minimalist feeling while keeping their original identity. All lamps are unique, but everything can be repeated to construct after request.

Having in mind the uniqueness, functionality and simple view of the lamps, we designed a typographic logo with the purpose of highlighting the most significant values of Lampent. All the letters are custom, with same line weight for simplicity and the stencil cuts are more distinctive than the usual, showing the manual and d.i.y. of each construction/object/lamp. The most important value of Lampent is captured on the logo through the MP ligature showing the connection of different materials, where in the case of letters the readibility is not lost but creates a new and intense style. Finally different materials are represented by the choices of coloured and textured paper of the stationary: grey paper for metal, brown paper on wood, green eco, light pale yellow and finally all contribute to the mild nature of all lamps.

Art Direction/Graphic Design
The Birthdays Design
The Birthdays Design