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2017 Dimitria Festival

52Δ Dimitria Festival: Poster series, no.3–4

Following up on the basic idea which gave birth to the identity of this year's Dimitria *that of the festival as the historically dynamic framework for the arts and culture of Thessaloniki), the medium-poster is initially transformed into a space that hosts the cultural content of the Festival. The sum of the Festival events (theatre, performance, concerts, visual arts, dance, photography, cinema) is being "framed" and then evenly arranged as informational text, thus creating a new dynamic action: that of a total, a greater "picture" which imprints the pluralistic and timeless dimension of this year's Dimitria. Furthermore, through the allocation of events based on their calendarial sequence and their typographic span, the content defines the new form, creating the cultural mosaic of the Dimitria Festival as well as a continuum for the historical-cultural character of Thessaloniki. 

Designed In collaboration with: Dimitris Papazoglou and Eleftheria Straka

Double sided limited edition in 100 numbered copies
Paper: Munken Print Cream 70gsm Perrakis Papers
Printing: Yiorgos Skordopoulos