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The Schools Project

"Christophoros Doulgeris travels all over Greece collecting notes in his personal diary. The photographer’s notes are the thousands clicks of his camera. His diary doesn’t startby chance, from the plain need to keep a moment but from the need to select pieces and fragments of our collective grief. In a scheduled manner he has traversed Greece in its entirety. His work entertains the aim to preserve in life the remnants from schools, which once existed, but now remain void, without students and teachers, faltering in time. He captures the culture of the door, of a derelict building, of the abandonment of learning in the times of democracy.”

Creation of a collectible and numbered edition, for the photographic work of Christophoros Doulgeris entitled The Schools Project | Edition I. The edition consists of a handmade casing box, whose letters have been designed from the beginning, placed in the lower right corner, inspired by the era of modernism, a time when the photographed schools were in operation. The edition includes the work of this journey, carefully placed and organised in a delicate crafted way, hand-stitched slides, high-definition printing, and with absolute accuracy, so that the whole in turn works as an artifact. The project is the first edition of the sequence.