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Sport Gallery Store

Environmental graphic identity for the renovation of the Sport Gallery store in Athens. A visual identity that displays a vocabulary from the sport field, where one can identify and recognize his / her own workout, goal, effort and sacrifice. A pictorial frame, a sports language, not with heroes and idols, but showing links that bring together all athletes, young, older, professional or not: a common destination, a sports dictionary.

The surface retains corporate colors and typography with moving words, that is read upside-down, meet and create imaginable ground planes, exercise photography that communicate with a coach's familiar words, animated greetings, playing or strategy terms. A non-static typographic image, with its versatile features, with references to popular sports such as trekking, basketball, football, training. The surfaces host words that refer to sports (and therefore the corresponding outfit), being dynamic in space while they do not overshadow the very products of the store.