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Manos Babounis

Manos Babounis is an architect based in Athens, Greece specialising in furniture design, interior design, architecture but also project management. The visual identity is mainly composed of different linear graphics, that represent the structure, the multidiscipline character of the designer, applied in vivid monochromatic surface, that enhance the dynamic of his body of work. The identity applications vary from the basic stationary to promotional material, such as brochure, poster and A5 cards. Part of the identity has also been the website, which works as a showcase. The main design elements of the website is a grid on the right, which hosts all the projects (archive), the main part in the middle, which works as a spine of the body of work (projects), and the left part which informs the visitor on further information (about). As a result, all the information needed is in the front, with no further depth, referring to the navigation, which makes it easy navigating and also communicates immediately the different focused areas of the designer.

Art Direction/ Graphic Design
The Birthdays Design
Web Development
Dimitris Perdikopoulos