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Armiriki — BTFC Limited

Armiriki Stories — Blurry thoughts & flashy colours

One year ago we were comisssioned by Armiriki to design a collection for a series of limited edition t-shirts. Armiriki is a Greek store, based in Nafplio and run by a young couple, born through their will to create a small artistic Greek brand during this time of crisis. The purpose was to create four designs based in how we feel about the place we are born, and growing, which is Athens, Greece.

We avoided a predictable more-souvenir & touristic approach, and approached the idea more personally, on how we, as personalities, are connected to this place. 

To us this land identifies with our memories and the people it holds. Our aims is to present Greece in an anthropocentric way, through our visual experiences, which are projected in oneiric and symbolic forms, depicting emotion through colour forms. Our thoughts draw on the past and the present. Color is both the main feature and the vehicle of our narrative while the form frames our thoughts and renders our emotion. That is the reason we named the series: Blurry thoughts and flashy colours.

Friday night.
Friday night, not Saturday, is what we love the most as it is part of our routine. The route back home is always the same yet so sweet while the lights along Kifissias avenue glow a familiar light. It’s still Friday, driving by our car, leaving our friends at their homes, while we return back to ours. It’s still Friday and its sweetly predictable.

Speaking of summer.
A childhood memory-the entire family packed in an old Corolla, temperature in the hundreds, folk music blaring, driving to the sparkling blue sea while merging with the golden sand. All this feels better in the back seat, reading comics, not a worry in the world, because we used to be very young at that moment.

Ready, steady, go.
First it was a need then it became a favourite activity in the city of Athens, no matter how unwelcome bicycles are in this city. It’s not only how you rediscover your city, slaloming through cars and potholes or the feeling of the breeze and the light on your body. It’s the open view of colors on the sky when the sun sets that a rider can truly enjoy.

The magic moment when the sun rises, finding us still awake for a good reason-or not. It’s the short span of time when sound ceases to exist and the only thing you are capable of seeing is the dramatic change of the colors in the sky. It’s the moment when emotions erupt and decisions are made. Or you just feel very tired and, again, you decide the time to go to sleep has arrived.

Creative direction/ Concept/ Graphic Design
The Birthdays Design
Printing house
Alexandra Sikioti
Makeup Artist
Antigoni Akritidou